Episode 123: We are back, for the first time.

We are back... or more appropriately, here we are... again!Its a #fullyhosted episode, meaning everyone is on board for the reboot and rebranding from #TheRAP to the #PCBombcast!So download now and enjoy this reboot themed episode. And let the world know!Cheers!Jeremy...

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Episode 122: Rock Paper Repeat!

We are back!This time, we are one man down due to the flu (Tom) and we are all talking together talking to repeat guest Shane of the Rock Paper Podcast!Shane is on not only talking about his podcast, but he's also here to promote the upcoming show City Wide Sounds:...

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Episode 121: Two Guys No Cup

We are back!This time it is just the #SilverBadger and myself talking to Stephen and Ian of the 2GNC Podcast. A local St. Louis Blues centric podcast.That said, this is a way deeper dive into sports than we've done in a while. And it ended up being very entertaing. So...

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Episode 120: Bender has one foot head.

We are back!And this episode, we are back to being #fullyhosted for the first time in a while. So download to hear the full gang go over everything football as we review Superbowl LII. A bunch of trailers. Of course commercials. The insanity or the brutal honesty of...

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Episode 119: We return to Brewniversity!

We are back!And more importantly, we are back to Shamrocks!Bender and I pack up the equipment and return to our unofficial first sponsor for #brewniversity. And it's been a long time coming!So join he and I as we talk to multiple time guest Kyle Dent about Shamrocks...

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Episode 114: A Six Pack of the Best of 2017

No intro... but we are still back!And we are bringing 2018 at Bender's house by looking back at 2017!So join us (for those that did on Intstagram Live already... thanks!) and feel free to Tweet us your best of's!Cheers and happy new year!Jeremy B. A Random A**...

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Episode 113: Then who’s Luke is he?

We are back!And for a small amount of the episode, we are #fullyhosted. But for the most part, #TheFLOP checks out and lets the boys get heated over Star Wars: The Last Jedi!We hit on some other stuff as well... but lets face it... that's the biggest story outside of...

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Episode 112: The Twelve Beers of Christmas!

We are back!And we are damn near double sized!On this episode, we receive a Christmas gift from our favorite spot for all things craft in the form of a twelve pack of holiday cheer! And like any good podcast, we drink and rate each one... and get drunk... and call...

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Episode 109: Bender. Gets. Animated!

We are back!
And as a #fullyhosted crew, we’re presenting the first of our monthly segment, BeerSauce Shop presents Andrew the Beer Guy’s Random A** Blind Beer Review!
So join us as we kind of sort of bring back the #topical6pack in between breaking down these 6 beers.

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Episode 108: Our first whiskey School!

We are back! And we are back to being on location from the BeerSauce Shop!This time for #WhiskeySchool with Union Horse Distilling Co.So join Bender, myself, and fill in host Kiefer, as we talk to brand specialist Kyle of Union Horse, Andew of the BeerSauce Shop......

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Episode 107: The ABCs of Podcasts

We are back! And we're back to having real guests again! This time it's Bender and myself (and the floating voice of #TheFLOP) talking to the guys of the Anything But Credible podcast. So download to listen to Duggs, Keith and Griff talk to us about their favorite...

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Episode 101: We take a DrunkQuest!

We are back!And before you listen, a couple of things...One, we aimed to release three episodes for the 100th episode week. Time just got away from us and this one spilled into 101. Still, it may be worth it! You be the judge.But that brings us to two, there were some...

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Episode 98: Mega movie talk.

We are back! This time in a retro hosted episode that sees just John and myself talking lots of things about the movies. Things like:Why Guy Ritchie let us down with King Arthur. The oft discussed and much argued TRIOLOGY METER!Remakes beating the original. Why Rotten...

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Episode 95: #BananaPuree

We are back!At least #TheFLOP, #SlverBadger, and myself for this episode. #Episode95! And on this episode, we are talking banan puree, friend-terventions, overrated beer, awful hours for Chick-Fil-A an so much more!So stop waiting and start downloading now! And please...

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Episode 94: A Random A** Baby Shower!

It has been a while... but finally we are back!On the night of a surprise baby shower and birthday gift giving for the #BadgerFamily, we break our two week hiatus to talk as random as it gets... even for us!So please download, comment, and share dammit!Thanks, Jeremy...

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Episode 92: Bender has a penile face.

We are back! And before you get upset about the harsh words for Bender, just know that face got him some free pizza.So download now to hear about that, stolen skateboards, George Romero and Martin Landua, Spider-Man Homecoming, Dirty 30, and so much more!And please oh...

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