Episode 103: Great American beer before Harvey.

We are back! This time we are back to being #fullyhosted and talking about a lot.  Stuff like this… The GABF 2017 and the Missouri winners. Exploits and assaults of Harvey Weinstien.  Chris Hardwick now making movies. And a shout out to the guys at Anything But...

Episode 101: We take a DrunkQuest!

We are back! And before you listen, a couple of things… One, we aimed to release three episodes for the 100th episode week. Time just got away from us and this one spilled into 101. Still, it may be worth it! You be the judge. But that brings us to two, there...
The Random Ass podcast

A Random Ass History

The Random A** Podcast started way back in 2015 from visionary creator and host Jeremy as a way to get his and his friend’s opinions on pop-culture, beer, sports, and more out to the masses.
The R.A.P. has gone on to become the single biggest and best number one pop-culture and variety podcast in the entire mid-west. Or at least the biggest and best one that records in Jeremy’s basement.

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